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2005-11-07 18:17:24 (UTC)

Still Home

Ohh joy. 4 days out from school. I still feel like crap, my
ears kept me up all night.
I have made my descions regarding the last article, I will
date, and I will enjoy every moment of it. I won't go 4 it,
bc really there is no point to it. I would screw my own
life over. It is basically commiting emotional sucide and I
don't want that.. I keep saying What is more valuble then
life? It is our biggest gift.. I want to be like a kite, I
don't want any strings attached. I mean it is me EMILEE, I
am back! Reserected from the dead and ready to PARTY!
Ohh Party there will be, and it will be very interesting tis
I am so in way over my head. Certain Conversations and
actions will have to be avoided at all cost. But I am good
with distractions. LOl. It will be fun.
I don't want anyone getting hurt, that would be the best way
to ruin my good mood. So it simply won't happen.
I have to find something to wear.. NOne of my clothes seem
perfect enough.. However I did find a hilarious Walmart
shirt that says I will only date nice guys but then it has a
little carrot insert thing between nice and guys that says
looking.. It makes me laugh. Idk if I will ever wear it bc
it is so shallow.
Speaking of dates Harry Potter is coming out. Need I say
more? Lol. We were talking about this in sunday school
yesturday. :)
LOl. Life is to good.
Idk what I was thinking.. I have always been the girl who
believes in backward polygomy. lol
Life is so good.
BRECKYNS COMING IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Man.. This will be the weekend!
I got asked out for Nov. 18th yesturday. I pretty much said
No, my sister is coming to town that day.
Weird to think that teenage years are more then half way
over! Better enjoy the time I have left.

Well my head is starting to pound, I can't handle sitting
here much longer.

Bye bye 4 now

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