The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2005-11-06 19:52:20 (UTC)


Dear Diary

Well, for once in a long time, I'm happy! I'm soooo
freakin' happy! I met this guy yesterday at Stampedes...his
name is Cody. Well, actually it was Friday. lol. Well,
Tricia had set up a double date thing and damn did we hit
off. They stayed till 5:30 Saturday morning and till 4:30
this morning. It was great! We totaly hit it off. We're
meeting for lunch tomorrow. I think anyways. We're meeting
on the steps of KOM. YAY!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to
see him again. Oh yeah and we kissed last night! A lot!
hehehe we played pass the gum. hehehehe It was fun. I
actually had sooo much fun last night it wasn't even funny.
Oh my god! Well, he's at work right now. I'm hopin' he'll
call me tonight but, I doubt it. Calling girls is little
boy stuff now I guess. hehe. It's ok though. I still get to
see him tyomorrow. heheheh

I did'nt tell joey though. He called twice last night and I
didn't answer my phone. then he called me this morning and
I didn't answer it again cause I was asleep. Ooops oh well.
lol. He'll get over it. I probably should go get my phone
just in case he calls back but, he shoudn't. I don't see
why he gets mad though. he doesn't answer his phone half of
the time. hehehe

Hey I need to go. Write back later. bye bye

Love ya lots