Miss Thang

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2005-11-06 05:37:22 (UTC)

"Here's to new Beginnings.........."

well i haven't written in here for a while mainly cause i
have no idea too busy?? too lazy??? who knows either way
along time has gone past i've had alot of shit happen
since my last entry.

For starters ive slept with two of my exs both the jasons
at different times i finally meet don's girlfriend dannii
and shes
wonderful have found the love of my life and are currently
3 months pregnant with his child.

i've changed jobs from racq to autobarn and then running
my business full time did i mention that?? i own a
business now its a car clothing business. i have been
busily preparing for the newest and scariest job in my
life i can't wait i'm so excited i go for a ultrasound in
2 weeks and i'll get to see it for the first time my
beautiful baby growing inside me.

well i thought i would update my diary and let you know
what has been going on now that i have remembered about
this diary i will probably go back to writing novels in it
again!!! lol

be good if not be good at it


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