2005-11-05 11:22:49 (UTC)


if not for the fact that i was high right now, Id be crying

because im just so frustrated that someone who loves you
could just not tell you out of embarasment

it has to stop.

it just hurts me even more everytime i come to realize
more that she couldnt be completely open to me....

then again what hurts more is that i cant be completely
open with her.

w.e im going to her house today...cant guarantee a fun
time...and it starts to put some key pieces together to
form what the start of this relation was, no openness all
action...i dont want that....she knows ill dump her if I
suspect that...idk im paranoid and i dont plan on having a
fun time today...because itll be sex...and then no matter
what she does, it'll just hurt me more because its
recreating the past...ill not makeout with her thats all
im telling you

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