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2005-11-05 02:41:23 (UTC)


So yeah.. My mom is cool again. I have learned not to get
overly upset by her little tirades bc she really doesn't
mean them. She just has the occasional need to yell when she
gets upset and often times it is at me. But whatever.
I was thinking more about WWII and I was wondering. Life was
so horrible for these people, what did they hold on to? What
did they live for?
I would have died. I would have thought.. Hmmm... Heaven or
here. HEAVEN.
Other people? That would be really hard because logic would
say that they were gone.
Hope for things to get better? I guess that you could live for.

The only thing I can think of is the oppertunity. The
oppertunity for life. The oppertunity to love. What is a
better gift then life?

There is one man in a concentration camp wwho decided that
the war wasn't going to take his happiness. He went through
Hells that I can't imagine but he was happy.
more later.