The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-11-04 19:44:52 (UTC)

ETSU here I come...

Dear Diary

hey it's me. Well, some how I ran up a massive phone bill.
I'm talking over a thousadn dollars. WHOA!!! I honestly
have no clue how I did it. Anyways, mom and dad are
completely freakin' out. i guess I would be too. How gay!
Well, I was gonna transfer to ETSU most likely anyways,
but, now it's deffinate! I have no choice now. Oh well. Dad
is filling out my transfer papers as I type this. I don't
know how I feel. I really don't. I feel sick. lol

I think I'm getting ready to start to my period. Hoy I feel
bad. Oh yeah I"m going to a club tonight. Oh my god! My
first club! YEAH!!! Stampeedes! WoohooI'm having fun just
thinkin about it! Oh gosh golly!

Well I wanted to write for a fe minutes but, I have to go
to work in a minute. I don't feel very good. I think I need
to go put a tampon in for sure. Uck! I feel bad! EEEWWW

Well, I'm outta here. I gotta go get ready. Talk to ya
later. bye bye