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2005-11-04 18:50:06 (UTC)


My parents have the magic ability to tick me off.
I can barely sit up with out getting a horrible headache. My
head pounds, and my mom is yelling at me for being lazy. No DUH!
I can't breath at the moment. I just carried something down
the stairs that seriously weighed like 70 pounds just
because I got yelled at. I know 70 pounds isn't a big deal
but when you are sick moving is draining.
She asks me to clean out the diswasher. HELLO! I am like
super contagious.
She yelled at me for not taking my stuff that she put on the
stairs upstairs.. I didn't go upstairs.
I started helping her and she told me to leave and go get
some sleep. How fair is that. First she yells at me for help
and when i offer it I get yelled at??
People drive me crazy.
Speaking of crazy guess who is coming over and spending the
night.. Loud and louder yepp you guessed it my toddler
neices. Joyful day I can't go near them (and they are
everywhere). The only thing I get to do is listen to them
scream all night long. I can't stand it right now!!!!!!!
I swear they try to ruin my life. My mom got very mad at me
today bc I said I am going to take down a horrid pic. for
my party. The last thing I want is the pic. of me looking
like a horse. She yelled at me. THIS IS MY HOUSE AND YOUR
I promised to put it all back, but no thats not good enough.
She almost started crying. I wonder what life would be like
to have a free ride like you do.

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