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2005-11-04 05:23:19 (UTC)

i give up on relationships

yes, i am 19 years old. already, i have made the decision
to just give up on relationships. they are a stupid waste
of time, especially for someone like me. i'm pretty darn
asexual and darned if i'd ever be able to find a guy who
won't want any ever. yeah, don't think my chances are all
that great.

i've spent the last 5 hours or so just arguing with the
ex. he easily confuses love and sex. i suppose we all do.
in my high school english class we had to discuss that.
doesn't believe i ever loved him. whatever. i did. he did
a good enough job of questioning that to be a complete and
utter turnoff. men. no offense to all of you, but argh.
hate dealing with men.

someday maybe somebody will just want what i want, i doubt
it, but hey, i can still have my little fantasy. someone
who just wants to be with me. someone i can hang out with,
and chill out on the couch with. i don't even know what i
want. i don't want to be alone. no one does. argh. i just
want someone who feels the way i do about them. there are
guys and i'll see them go by and my heart will flutter,
but even then i still don't see anything happening later
on. i just don't know anything. i really hate myself today.