Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-11-04 01:01:22 (UTC)

Some fun for You and this slave

Dearest Master,

Thank You for such a wonderful night last evening. this
slave's schedule has finally settled down, and W/we have
been able to spend some time T/together without her
falling asleep.

W/we also were able to be T/together Monday night, and
that was an excellent time as well. this slave really
loves O/our time alone. When W/we are T/together, You are
usually sitting in Your chair, at the computer, and this
slave is either standing in front of You, while You touch
and caress her body, or she is lying at Your feet on the
special floor pillow which You purchased for her several
years ago. she must confess that her favorite position is
the latter. It is in her position, below You, that she
feels most comfortable and most content. she also loves
the fact that when she is in this position You often let
her stroke her clitoris and sopping wet vagina. You
sometimes will insert a butt plug in her anus, stretching
her out to prepare for Your penis, and then allow her to
recline on the pillow and touch herself whilst the plug
does its delicious duty. The result is always an open and
well receiving rectum in which You can slide Your penis
right up to Your testicles. Ooh, this slave just loves
when You take her anally. W/we didn't do it this past
weekend because this slave got tired and fell asleep on
You before she was able to prepare herself. she doesn't
have to work tomorrow night, and W/we have plenty of
distilled water in the house, soooo...*smile*

W/we talked last evening, after this slave had already
posted her diary entry. she smiled to herself when You
told this slave that she needed to post an entry, and that
she needed to admit to the mistakes she had made over the
weekend. this slave agreed with You, and promised You an
entry today. Then, this slave asked if You had read the
entry she had made previously. As she suspected, You had
not. It had been so long since this slave had written in
her diary, You had stopped checking. That is her fault,
and she will definitely try to do better. she realizes
that it will be nearly impossible for her to post every
single day, but she can definitely do better than 2-3
weeks between postings. this slave will do better.

Well, it seems the kids are done with the dishes, and
O/our youngest is reading a story to You, so this slave
will sign off for now, so the kids can have their computer
back. this slave loves You so much, Master, and she is so
thankful for You and proud of all You do. You keep O/our
lives in motion!

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,