Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2005-11-03 02:14:24 (UTC)

It feels like 8 o clock. But it..

It feels like 8 o clock. But it's not. Trevor's not on
which makes me sad. I sometimes wonder what would've
happened if I had never met Trevor? Would I be infatuated
with some other guy? Would I be looking for a guy to be
infatuated with? What would I be doing if I he had never
come into my life.

I can't wait until friday so that I can play in the rain.
Today when I introduced Count to Trevor and asked Trevor
to hug him. Well he did but he said something that made
Jake laugh and had the word girlfriend in it. Then he
wouldn't tell me. Then he went and talked to Kathryn.

Little Frankenstein is staring at me.

Sometimes I wish Trevor hadn't come into my life. I
wouldn't be constantly hounded by his past relationships.
I wouldn't be constantly striving for his attention and
maybe not anyone else's either.

Thought of the Day:

I rather do things than wonder what would happen if I
didn't. Maybe I was wrong.