starting MY life over
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2005-11-03 02:12:21 (UTC)


well, it happened again today. that frikkin asshole drug
addict husband of my sisters nailed me for more drugs when
i asked him to run me down to UPS. a total of about 10
mins of his time.
i have to take 3 back pain meds every day to be able to
even get around. he asks me for a favor an expects it done
NOW. it done RIGHT NOW and i dont ask for anything in
return. anytime i need a favor (and this is supposed to be
a family? i dont think so), he wants drugs or money or he
wont do it, i am soooooo pissed off at this so called
was robbed by sister of my inheritance, life, self esteem
an self worth. hatred or the word HATE has never been in
my vocabulary but it has been added.
i'm so worried bout my best friend (g/f) is not helpimg.
she an the kids comes first over everything

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