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2005-11-03 01:39:57 (UTC)

=( I hate when ur dreams are smashed

So today I was in class talking to my friend Aislinn and
she had talked to josh. Hes coming to a dive in movie with
a couple of us saturday. Well she goes....he feels really
bad. I didnt understand why until she said.. he told him
the whole homecoming stuff was just he was too into the
moment and he doesnt want to hurt you but also doesnt want
to lead you on. It was a mistake and i hope rachels not mad
at me.....Thing is im no mad at all just disapointed. Half
of me is in love with him and half of me says hes my best
friend. I love josh no matter what but i just want more.

Well terry moved =( oh well lol. So hopefully things might
work out with josh and I but no hopes up sadly.

I did miss a call from him today while my brother and mom
were fighting i called him back but he didnt answer.

Ok well i mainly have a crushed heart right now...although
it seems to always be crushed, I told aislinn i just think
im going to be a single women all my life.