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2005-11-03 00:16:46 (UTC)

Nov. 2

I have a fever. I am dizzy. I am tired and I am floating.
I woke up incredibly happy, like I never wake up happy but
today I did.
But today in seminary Chase said something that made me
think. We decided what we wanted on our tomb stone when we
die.. Then the teacher asked chase what he would put on
mine. He got this look on his face like ohh crap.. Then he
thought about for a min. and said "I don't know." Then the
teacher said "come on Chase you can think of something."
He thought for a couple of seconds, then like it pained
him he said. "She's energetic... I guess.."
It is sad for me that all of the older kids dislike me so
much, they don't even know me... like not even a little.
Some would say it is my fault, and I guess it really is.
They only see one side of me. But you can't have everyone
get to know you.
When I lived in Mi. I was friends with all the older kids,
way quiter, different.
Now I am friends with the younger kids.. And I am one of
the older ones. It is sad to have people dislike me when
they know nothing about me.
I need to make some changes. I want to prove that I have a
wide discussion range and that I can discuss more then one
thing.. The question is how? How does one going about
changing there image?

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