Ramblings of a Mom
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2005-11-02 23:39:48 (UTC)


Oh, and here would be the latest and greatest of it all!
My grandmother (my Mom's Mom, my second Mom, really), has
been diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's. The neurologist
has told my Mom that she may as well get on a waiting list,
Grandma will need to be placed in a home in probably 6
months. My Grandpa is now practically blind (or at least
legally), and doesn't hear worth shit. My Grandma has been
the one to take care of both of them for the last 57
years. Grandpa has a gluten allergy and doesn't mind his
diet and winds up in bed on most days, and now Grandma has
to be watched 24/7, or at least, very soon, she will have
to be watched all the time.
ANNNNND, my former mother-in-law has been diagnosed with
breast cancer and has had two lumpectomies, both with
complications with her oxygen levels, and is looking at 5
weeks of radiation, 5 days a week.