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2005-11-02 00:06:04 (UTC)

My Fire

Fire in my chest
Water at my feet
I have secrets that I can’t keep
The world ends today
My thoughts escape me
Some will stay
Hold on to what she’s got
I could dig a little deeper
I could give it all to her
But I’m afraid I would want to keep her
Fire on my lips
Water up to my knees
I’d give anything to hear her say please
Its all over now
Its done and I have drained her
I can’t take what I have made her
this is the end of all time
I have only the memory that she was mine
My fire is gone
Water over my head
I gave it all to her
And I would do it again
All I needed was to make her cry
She was the sweetest sin
Her voice makes me wanna die
I let her go
My world is over
Dreams are gone now because I will never hold her