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2005-10-30 20:09:31 (UTC)

I'm back!!

Yes, it's been two years and with no trace of a single
diary entry. Instead of trying to catch you up on what
you missed, I'll just start from here.

Last night I went to the Edge of Madness in Calhoun,
Louisiana. It's a series of 3 haunted houses, with a
stage for some dance performances. The haunted houses
were indeed thrilling, but it seemed like the people
working the haunted houses began to slack a little on
their "scaring duties," replacing it with sarcasm. In the
midst of Haunted House #2 I proceeded to walk down a dark
hallway, losing sight of what direction I was supposed to
be going. A patient of the asylum then told me that the
door was to my right and that I'd have to press super hard
because the door gets stuck. So Jeffery and I pressed
against the "door." No budge. Psycho boy then
says "Congratulations! You're pushing a wall!" Freakin'
jerk. Don't be smart with me boy.

The whole Edge of Madness experience was quite
interesting. A few old ladies that worked there caught me
off guard when their sweet and friendly spirits didn't
match their scary costumes. I felt a little guilty
after screaming at them. I suppose being amongst all that
scaryness brings out the screams in ya.

But I'll tell you what the strangest thing was. A group
of performers would perform on stage to different songs--
songs very appropriate for the occasion such as "Thriller"
and "Monster Mash," but all of a sudden they just broke
out in a rendition of the "Lullaby of Broadway." I'm
sorry what the crap? I wasn't the least bit scared or
thrilled or moved or halloween-spirited. Was this just a
dance team that ran out of freaking material? I'm afraid
we'll never know. Woah, "afraid"--I guess this did bring
about the right response after all..

ps- I guess there's not a teeth limit to work at IHOP is

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