Nick's Journal
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2005-10-30 05:15:46 (UTC)

Verizon just doesn't understand

my cell phone broke down. i don't know why. maybe it was
the run through the washing machine or maybe it was my
throwing it at the local representative to get his attention
so that he would pass my bill of "rats living in
prosperity". it is a comprehensive plan.
it just lost reception. for a whole week i was no longer on
the network, that large group of workers who follows that
faggot on the verizon commercials deserted me. in fact,
when i turned around to face them they accused me, they the
montel williams to my dead-beat dad ass. they asserted the
fact that i owed something to them. alas it was my phone, i
can't deny it. all tests pointed to my liability,
"did you drop this in water? it has water damage."
"it went through the spin-cycle."
"the spin-cycle?"
"of my washing machine."
to this i got a roll of the eyes,
"new phones are $180."
"$180? i have my mom's old phone can i activate this?"
"your MOM'S???? old phone?"
she gave me the, 'you're still living in your parents'
basement look' and scoffed,
"$30 to change service."
"$30? it was free a year ago."
"times change."
"hey, you know you can do it for free on-line, just open an
this came from the guy behind me.
"yeah they don't tell you this, but you can do it for free
the woman in front of me was glaring, i glanced at her and
pushed out, with a few kind words to my stranger-friend.
consumerism. i have come to the conclusion that the measure
of a certain society's degree of dissatisfaction with the
amount of government enforcement (dis)placed on it can be
tallied in the amount of worthless goods they buy. i have
been privy to a community in which segregation has been
transformed into forced aggregation, people always achieve a
paradox. those who say they, "don't give a fuck" always
make sure that we know we don't give a fuck. those who live
in communities to intermingle choose the self-sacrificing
visceral life of consumerism. i buy this for me, for my
pleasure; my pleasure lies not within the community in which
i so proudly live, but within the few empty goods i can
the more the merrier.

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