Diary of a sexual Nympho
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2005-10-30 02:26:42 (UTC)

Burst of energy

Wow I have a massive burst of energy today. Bizarre! I
have done all my washing and im about to clean and tidy my
house. I finally got rid of J. I called his ex which
turned out not to be as ex as I thought. I guess I just
need to be more careful in the future who i choose to be
with. Im reading a book at the moment its called mirror
mirror, its ment to help in fixing distructive behaviours.
They have a good comparision in the book. A $100 note no
matter how worn and used and crumpled it is its still worth
the 100 dollars. Something that we should all remember in
our own lives. Anyhows I better keep on with this cleaning
whilst I still have the energy. Later alligator