Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
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2005-10-29 23:53:10 (UTC)

You think I am, but really I am

You think I am, but I Really Am

You may think I'm mean,
You may think I'm crazy.
You may think I'm smart,
You may think I'm Lazy.

I'm in Band, am I a band geek?
I'm in XC (cross country), am I a runner?
I'm good at math, am I a math whiz?
I'm not popular, am I no one?

I'm the dreamer looking at the sky when the stars are
blooming in the midnight blue.
I'm the one who believes that I'm falling in the darkness
and wished I flew.
I'm the one that lives for fantasies, instead of what is
I'm the one that thinks I love him, and that I want him

I think you don't know me, but maybe you do.
I think you don't love me, but I love you.
I think you don't see me, but maybe you do.
Yet this poem is about me, not about you.

I'm the wanderer that looks for myself and often strays
and finds you.
I'm the lonely flower in the garden full of thorns wishing
for you.
I'm the story teller that lives a lie and wears a mask to
hide the truth.
I'm the weary traveler looking for the answers to life,
love, and proof.

I wish that you could see me, though I do not exist.
These feelings that I have, I have been unable to dismiss.
You don't know who I am, because I don't know yet.
Once I find out, you will have already met
The dreamer, the faller, the wanderer, the lover,
The story teller, the liar, and the lone flower.

I can't wait to find myself, I hope you can?t too.
Just wait and I'll be the grandest thing you ever knew.

If you didn't notice I alluded to a poem I wrote in the
9th Grade. All about Trevor.

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