rachel richards

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2005-10-29 22:04:36 (UTC)

What it is...?

So i decided to make my journals public. This will be the
first time that i have written in here in a long time. I
used to have many journal entrys however they were deleted
somehow. Probably because I havent written in them in a
long time. Anyways, for all who are reading that dont know
me im a freshy at western carolina. i live in a dorm and i
have a weird roommate. I have brown hair, blue eyes and i
love soccer. I am the soccer manager here for the lady
catamounts. I also love emergency medical science. I have
the privilage of riding in the ambulance here at school.
Its cool how we have our own emergency service. For all of
those who know me and are probably gonna read these (John,
Daniel, Chris, and Laura) I love yall and I miss yall much.
Anyways back to the good stuff. I love it here in the
mountains. Its so pretty and peaceful. I have also met so
many cool people here.It is going to sad when i leave here,
however i know that it is what i am supposed to do. Well
classes are almost over. got that darn math test left and
then its off to work and then who knows....I think that it
is so weird that my roommate didnt even come home last
night. No calls or nothing. Kinda scary huh....?
anyways...Janie one of my homegirls, boyfriend just broke
up with her and ive been trying to help her cope with it. I
hope that im doing pretty good. I just want her to find
happyness. All ya got to do is just keep on praying. Well i
think this about raps up this first entry and i want to
start my next one. Laterz :)

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