Proud Mommy
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2005-10-29 05:42:19 (UTC)

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

As I look at the sky
Darker then coal
To you I want to fly
Cuz you complete my soul

You are like an angel
Coming from above
My life is now wonderful
Now that I know love.

I remember that day
Crying in my bed
"Please give me love"
Yeah that's what I said.

I waited and waited
So my prayer could be heard.
And finally, it came
It was semptember the third.

I remember that day
I was more then happy
I remember that day
Now oh so perfectly

When I close my eyes
It's you that I see
When I watch a sunrise
It's with you I want to be.

So I guess you understood
That you are more then special
I'll carve your name into wood
So our love will be eternal.