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2005-10-28 16:49:01 (UTC)

As I Fade Away

This is the day I am going to die
I can feel my running cold
I don’t mind so don’t despair
I will take one last gasp for air
Close your eyes please look away
Before my insides disintegrate
Before the flies decide to stay
I lie here quietly as they begin feast
Beautiful night, beautiful decay
The sweetest thing is that you left,
Before you could see me this way
Here I am and here I will lie
Here I let go of all I despise
Lovely lies, what a lovely mess
See how the spiders have torn my dress
Smell the scent of roses in the cool breeze
Soft and sweet to cover the smell of disease
You can leave me here, I am not alone
All the insects have now made their home
I have no fears so please don’t cry
This is the day I am going to die
Because this is the day you went away