Cokepop for the Smartnessment
2005-10-28 06:12:08 (UTC)

iPod Stupidity

Yes. So I bought an iPod Mini. 6GB in Silver.


And actually in the end after going to Best Buy, and two
Future Shops I just was like "ok fine I won't get a new
one because nobody has any left..." So I got one of
the 'open box' ones. That pretty much means they were
either on display or were returned but they worked
perfectly and whatnot. So whatever. I found one that was
in good condition and not scratched or anything. And
instead of being $299.99 I got it for $269.96. So
whatever. Good deal I guess. But yeah. So I got home and I
was setting it up and whatnot- and I find out it still has
whoever bought it before me's songs! That and the fact
EVERYTHING smellt like smoke because evidently the guy
smoked. Yes it was a guy. His name was on the ipod. I
forget it though because I reset everything. Obviously.

So yes I was incredibly mad about it all smelling like
smoke. Everybody who knows me KNOWS I HATE smokers, well
not them...just the fact that they smoke. And I hate the
smell of it. It makes me cough and gag. Then I get glared
at. So yes. And then I find out the earphones were
obviously used. Like hello the part that says which one
goes in which ear is all smudged and worn off! Like EWWW!
Who does that? If you use the earphones you do NOT return
them so other people use them. That's DISGUSTING! Blech.

My mom disinfected everything because I went upstairs and
was like "ok so I'm throwing out these earphones because
they were used and that's just gross." She pretty much
told me to stop being silly. But no. It's not being silly
to not wanna wear somebody you don't even knows earphones.
HELLO! They were in his ears! It's called bacteria! And no
I'm not some cleanliness freak. But honestly. You can do
that with friends and that's not bad...but some stranger.
Thanks but NO THANKS. Blech.

So I'm thinking that even though they've been
cleaned...I'll still chuck them and just buy my own iPod
earphones. Not that it matters much, because when my mom
was being all "Don't chuck them!" I did inform her that I
did own my own from my discman (which doesn't even work
anymore anyways). But whatever.

But yeah. I'm not so angry anymore. But blech. Never buy a
second hand iPod. Yep. This is a reminder to myself. NEVER
EWWWWWW!!!! Urgh. I still think its all repulsing and have
an urge to return it and go to London Drugs or something
and I don't care how much it costs, I'll just get one from
there. I'll even settle for 4GB if that's all they have.
But whatever. I got my 6GB silver mini. Whoot. Argh. Oh
well. I honestly have been trying to look on the bright
side. But I'm still finding it all really gross. Like who
knows where all of this stuff has been? I don't even WANT
to know. Damned smokers. Yes I guess I am prejudiced
against them. But I just can't help it. Oh and by the
smells of it...I do believe he smoked weed. Just incase
anybody's interested in that fact.

So yes. After we finally found a damned iPod, we went to
get Mich from her soccer practice and took her to her
guitar lessons. Then my mom was like "I want to get my
belly button peirced. Do you think I should do it?
Daddy'll kill me..." And I was like "Omg yes do it!? But
don't wait we gotta get it done now otherwise you'll think
about it and talk yourself outta it. So NOW. And who cares
if he doesn't like it and freaks out. It's not his body.
And besides. Who says he has to know?" lol yes. So we went
to Enchanted (where me and Katie got ours done and Kayla
goe her industrial) only it was closed. Which was a
bummer. So we're shooting for tomorrow. Yes it's a friday
but I don't have school. I'm so psyched for sleeping in!

So anyways. Then we went to the Salvation Army to look for
a costume for Bye Bye Birdie. I found my reporter costume.
It's absolutely hideous. Pink and white polka dotted skirt
and a jacket type thing. So incredibly horrible and ugly.
My mom showed it to me and I was like "omg Mrs. Sadoway's
gonna LOVE it." I hated it but I knew it was what I had to
get. How crazy is that? It was kinda a cool feeling
though. haha. I'm going with Chelsea tomorrow to find a
costume for when I'm a teen girl during the play.

So yes. Then we picked Mich up from her lessons and came
home. And they were all watching TV and I came down here
to get songs onto my iPod and whatnot. And yes. Damned
smoke. I started coughing and my mom was basically
like "Oh brother." And I was like "No it's because my
throats sore." Which wasn't really a lie. I actually did
have to cough, but the smoke definately did reek and even
though its hardly noticable...oh I notice things like
that. It's like my pet peeve and drives me insane and
pretty much convinces me I can't breathe and that I
SHOULDN'T breathe or I'll die. So yeah. Paranoia I guess.
Kinda crazy but whatever. Everybody'll know for sure that
I'll never do drugs because I find it disgusting.

Anyhow. I'm so tired and my head hurts and so I'm off to