2005-10-28 02:02:33 (UTC)

I'm a freak.

I don't neccessarily mean to tag on the negative
connotation of the word, but yes, I am a freak. Complete
and total. Absolutely. Who defines normal, anyway?

Anyhoo, more news from that guy. I'm supposed to email
him, but I really have nothing to say. What am I supposed
to do? haha, here goes:
You told me to email you. Here I am, emailing you.
C ya l8r.

Am really looking forward to the weekend back home. People
there don't seem so. So. Icky. Eloquent, yes I know.

So lonely. Argh. The situation is improving, though.
Halloween am cruising the street with buddy from
university (yes, in fact, I do have a buddy from
university. I know. Wow.) Next weekend am going out with
former coworker.

Sad news. Am still foodslave. Am currently negotiating
with employer to have me remain as such. I just can't say
no to income. *sigh*.

Everyone I seem to meet here, I automatically assume that
they hate me. Somewhere it registers that this may not be
true, but I'm still freaking paranoid about it. Example:
Someone I knew used to be at the volunteer lounge every
day. Now that I volunteer, he doesn't come in anymore. I
just assume that it's because I'm present (not that I've
ever done anything to the guy), not for any other reason.
It makes me feel even worse because then not only do
people hate me, but I'm also managing to drive them away
from the things they used to do. Am I a total nut case or