Cokepop for the Smartnessment
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2005-10-27 23:12:50 (UTC)

I feel rich.

haha. I just looked at my bank balance (I got paid
yesterday and I wanted to see how much...) and I have
almost $700!!!!

I'm extrordinarily happy. Only its stupid because I'm only
allowed to spend $200 a day on my debit card. So pretty
much even though at this very moment I could go out and
buy my sliver 6GB iPod Mini...I CAN'T because:
1) Including GST and whatnot its like $320.00
2) I've only got $295.99 in my chequings account (the only
one I can get money directly out of) and so I just
transferred $250.00 into it and it won't get there until

So that slightly sucks. Because its not like I have
anything to do tonight anyways. So why not set up an iPod
while I've got time and whatnot.

But oh well. So today. Nothing thrilling.

Funny story though.

So Mich always wakes me up before she leaves for school in
the morning at like 8:30. And my mom leaves for work at
like 8 and she usually comes to say goodbye and to tell me
to get up soon. But this morning my mom never did come in,
unless I was too tired to remember that...dunno. But Mich
came in and she was telling me to wake up and I was so
confused and I was like "What time is it?" and she was
like "8:30" And I was like "I don't understand..." because
I was so totally tired and confused and not prepared to
wake up (my mom coming in and waking me up first usually
makes it more easier to get up later on) and yeah. Mich
and Becky were laughing. And I was still trying to figure
things out. At first I thought Mich was playing a joke on
me and had set my clock forwards. But I guess not. Don't
you just love waking up confused as hell??? Oh yes.

But yes. My day was fine. Nothing special. Nothing
dramatic. So I'm guessing its over. Good I guess.

But I'm thinking I still like Grant. But I don't think its
quite as much as before. I'm thinking I'm on my way to
getting over him. Slowly...but surley I'm sure.

Good news? I hope so.