starting MY life over
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2005-10-27 23:09:12 (UTC)


well, looks like i screwed up again. got busy and sleepy
and for 2 nites in a row now, i wasnt there for tam an the
kids for bedtime stories. feel like crawlin into a cave an
never comin out again, im so embarassed.
tams really busy today an i had a flour xplosion when
flour bag fell off counter to floor. i have a bazillion lil
white puddyprints all over the floors and my bed. dog loved
it, rollin in it so add 1 more thing to do now, WASH DOG b4
the stuff turns to concrete on her. shes wet cause its
rainin outside - wow what a mess
thats all for now, may write more later if i dont break
any dishes now. lol

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