Nick's Journal
2005-10-25 23:51:00 (UTC)

Circuit Breakers are not for morons

so today i went out with a fellow co-worker (let's call him
jack) as he wanted to get himself a cup of soup from the
grocery store. seeing as it was cold enough outside to
freeze off a witch's nipple he had to re-heat his soup in
our "company" microwave, which conveniently wasn't working.
i had encountered this problem before as sometimes you just
have to flip the circuit breaker in the closet to reset it.
problem is jack (unbeknownst to me) doesn't know how to
read a circuit breaker.
quick as a jackal he raced to the closet and proclaimed,
"i'm gonna go ahead and fix this, i just love fixing stuff."
now that right there is the sentence of a man who has never
ever fixed anything in his life. fixing shit isn't fun, you
do it and most of the time you light your nuts on fire cos
you forget that metal conducts electricity as you're trying
to pry out the penny your pet rat so lovingly stuck into
your outlet (not that that has happened to me).
two seconds later and the lights to the basement are off as
are all electrical things.
"shit, what did you do?"
"i flipped the switch."
"the one with the red line?"
"the what?"
that's when i thought, 'oh fuck'. but before i could bound
into the closet jack had the lights back on in the basement
and now had his eye on a second switch.
"oh here we go."
that was the yell of the IT guy upstairs who was in the
process of setting up our new database system. now i don't
know if you've ever had the opportunity to see an agitated
IT guy, but it is well worth the nasally screaming. he
bounded down the basement and breathlessly said, in what
most have been his best Darth Vader impression,
"whooooooo flipped the switch?"
he was glaring at jack who had the sheepish grin.
quickly i went and flipped the right switch and jack hustled
out of there with his cold soup.
about one hour later a horrible, rancid smell could be
detected from the basement. apparently when he shut off
power downstairs he affected the sewage pump and sewage was
backing up like it was going out of style.
let me tell you it smelled so nasty. we had to turn on the
shower to flush the sewage out of the bathroom.
lesson being, don't let morons touch circuit breakers.