starting MY life over
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2005-10-24 22:41:13 (UTC)


sittin here, feelin blue. i miss you a lot, i sure need
it's just one of those snitty days (Tammy came up with
that word - lol). cold and wet outside. i have so many
things to do that i don't even know where to start. i've
got a garage full of 'stuff' that i'm not even gonna try
another yard sale. the one last week was a total bust.
didn't bring in enough to even buy a gal of milk. did make
enough for postage to send a pkg UPS. later, another for an
insured FedX mailing.
feel like doing something stupid but just in a 'thinking
about it stage' right now. will never get it done tho cause
it's not the way i was raised.
my lil dog is sick again an smells horrible an needs
another bath but it's too cold to do it at the moment.
besides dweeb just showed up with his noisy mouth and
pissed at me because i have finally refused to be an
enabler to him. he is a drug addict and i don't want him
around here. he also has adhs or some kind of a learning
disorder so he will have and has the mentality of a 6yr
old. can you just imagine a 6yr old at 40 totally spaced
out on drugs? not cool.
i should be using this diary more often. i feel as tho i
have a place to go to just let some of my feelings out.
altho i feel soooo comfortable talkin to Tam bout things.
she knows almost more about me than i know me. i know now
that i can honestly call her my 'best friend'.
so much for now. just a snitty, pissy monday

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