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2005-10-24 21:08:12 (UTC)

I want my mum!!!!

Well Saturday night was mentally crazy for me!!! I felt
really crap-I'd been ill at the beginning of the week &
felt like I was a real lard arse & something told me that
shouldn't drink on saturday night so I told the girls I
would drive. Su did her best to persuade me to drink (I
very nearly gave in) but I was still so sure that I should
drive. Mary was joining us so we went to the box in
headingly for our first drink so we could meet her there.
We were happily having a laugh & a drink when I saw Hampo
(a guy I went out on a date with in march but we never
bothered with each other since). Well I was wearing the
same T-shirt I wore when we first met each other- I felt
so so so so stupid. Any how, we then left for town...first
bar, Oporto! Best bar of the night if you ask me.... I saw
no carnage in there!!!! We then went to Jake's...... the
best bouncer in the world...shaun.... let us queue jump!
and Mary went to the bar (the OPPOSITE end to the bar
that barman works)& I was determinded not to look in his
direction! Before I knew it he's up the other end of the
bar pretending to do something & stood more or less right
in front of me.... I had no choice but to make eye
He nodded & smiled.....then cam over, put his had round my
neck & kissed me on the cheek and asked how I was!!!
Confident or what?!?!?!?! Bloody idiot! Well there was a
girl stood next to me who totally cracked up- she said my
face just had "who the hell are you?!" written all over
We the went back to the other two & Matt walks in (another
guy who I've been on a date no go!). I said
hi & bye pretty much in the same breath (in a nice way of
course!). Then I saw Indy (one of Haigs mates). He walked
past a couple of times & Su made me follow him. Low &
behold, Haigs there!!!! HE KNOWS I GO IN JAKES ALL THE
I suppose if he didn't want to bump into me he wouldn't
have gone in there! Anyhow, I just spoke to his mates as
he was been a prat behind the speaker (he didn't really
speak to me at all- just pulled funny faces at me) Well as
I was leaving he suddenly wanted for me to stay & talk to I left to go to the town house.
Int he queue for the town house I sae The gut,
ryan...mister disaster date from a few weeks I
hid like a coward behind Su!! Inside, me amd Mary went to
the toilet whils Su & Liz went to the bar on the 2nd
floor. When we cam out we went to the 2nd floor bar to
find them..they were no where to be seen. I started
dancing with this rather cheeky looking bloke. Then he
started chatting to me....low and behold....he was a
bloody ozzie....fantastic!!! I was rather cheeky to him
but still gave him my number when he asked for it.....he
is yet to get in touch....bastard! We then went to find
Liz & Su, who were now on the 3rd soon as i got
up there Haig calls me! I couldnt get him to come inside
so I went outside to see him. I was rather rude to him,
being very short when speaking to him (I now feel guilty
about that...I want to text & apologise but I have deleted
ALL his details from my phone!!!). The thing is...we met 6
months ago & I still don't know where I stand with him at
all & really I don't know much about him just some of
the "here & now haig". It's actually beginning to upset me
quite a bit & I din't know what to do?!
Roll on next weekend!!!!!

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