Autum's Leaves
2005-10-23 05:38:18 (UTC)

Return To Us

"Cause I'm a motherfuckin P.I.M.P." -fity cent

Great news, my friends boyfriend is back from Iraq and
he's doing great, and they're doing great and everything is
SO cute between them I love them both to death. They're
officially getting engaged...which, I have neglected to
comment on at the moment. But I love them both and I've
never been so happy for them.

I thought I could snore but holy crap...

So...I got two tattoo's over the break I had from
writing. They're two stars and they're on my back and I got
like...ten times hotter just getting them. I LOVE them.

I also love Nico SO much it hurts. Like...Ugh...he's
just...SO friggin awesome and I absolutely love this kid
more than I should. I called him today, like I always do,
or he always calls me, and we talked for forever. ...I told
him I hated kids the other day...I suppose it went well for
what I thought would happen. He's still talking to me and, that's great. He's just...I swear, I think
about him everyday and everynight and I just can't get
enough of him. Which is sad...because I just know this
whole thing is going to blow up in my badly as I
wish it wouldn't. I suppose...I'll just never get enough of
someone whose so sweet and so cute and just so ridiculously
awesome. I wish he was up here cuddling with me, that would
just be fanfuckingtastic. *sigh* But I just...worry. I
don't want to say it, but I just...I know we'd never amount
to anything because we have such different futures planned.
But I just miss him, and wish he was here. I love him.

The yang to my yin got her nipples pierced today. Jesus.
She's all into the bdsm and whatnot and has had many
a ...things attatched to her, so it was no problem to get
hers done. She didn't really even wince. But...I won't go
into it any further. haha.

I'm gonna go back soon I guess and get my other side
pierced. That'll be...eight piercings...two tattoos.
Racking things up left and right it seems. But it's in the
future, my tats still need time to heal.

I'm going to bed, since I have to work in the morning
and my lover isn't awake to keep me company. *le sigh* I
miss him already.

"What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I'm in,
Spending all my time with you, There's nothing else I'd
rather do, What a sweet addiction that I'm caught up in,
Cause I can't get enough, Can't stop the hunger for your
love... What a beautiful mess I'm in..."
-Beautiful Mess, Diamond Rio.