Diary of a sexual Nympho
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2005-10-23 03:56:51 (UTC)

The missing chapter of me and J

I was sick of the men i was meeting in real life. So i had
decided to give the internet dating scene a go. I was a
bit aprehensive at first about what kind of person i might
meet but figured I am attractive and nice and that there
would have be others like me. Me and J met on the dating
site. We both live in differnt states and we started
contact from pure coincidence. It started out first as a
barrage of harmless messages, then soon turned into a
strong connection. We then started to talk on the phone,
every night for hours on end. I felt like I had found my
other half. My day was not complete if i didnt talk to him
before bed. Although I decided not to tell him how i felt,
to protect my feeling a little longer. Until one night he
told me that he thought he had found his soulmate. Me!
For me this was new. I havent known many men to put there
feeling on the line like that. Then two weeks later came
the inevatable, the first meeting. We had decided that I
would fly to his state, at his cost. I kept the meeting
from my family and only told a few friends for safety
reasons. On the plane on the way there I was so nervous.
I had seen photos but I was scared that there would be no
attraction. A the plane was landing i was sure i had made
the biggest mistake ever. But as soon as I got off that
plane and fell into his arms i felt like i was home. That
nothing could harm me. And there was a massive physical
attraction. We had the best weekend ever ending in the
words 'i love you'. I came home floating on cloud nine.
The search was over I had found the one. Nothing could
wipe the smile off my face. I saved hard for the next four
weeks and once again flew up to see him. This time meeting
the family and being introduced as this is the girl im
going to marry to his grandparents. Once again our parting
at the airport was hard. Both of us crying. Feeling like
my heart was going to break in two as i boarded the plane.
Half way through the flight i went to get somthing out of
my hand bag and found his watch, I asked him about this
later and he said he had put it there to make sure i came
back. He also said after i left he spent an hour in the
airport not knowing what to do with himself. We decided it
was too hard to be apart and that I would move to his city
in the new year. I move that I doubt will happen

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