brianna MOTHER FUCKIN greer

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2005-10-22 21:50:41 (UTC)

sleeping... in Florida.

So everyone is sleeping and it's definitely ridiculous.
It's like everything is so hecktic and then so calm in a
matter of hours. It's just weird. I'm used to everything
being fucked up all the time. Nothing's ever chill.
Nothing ever needs to be chill there is always something
to do or worry about which keeps life intresting.

I was thinking about laying down and taking a nap. It
would make the time go by faster and everything would be
chill for a while but I know that by the time that I woke
up and wanted to do something the only availible thing to
do would have been passed up because I would have been
passed OUT at the time of oprotunity.

It's weird to think about old love and new love... what's
the difference really? I can't seem to find one. The only
thing though is that I feel more of a connection with
people that I have a past with. Not really all of them
just those who actually matter. It's not even that I know
if I'm truely still in love with them or if I just miss
what we had. Like Palmer. I miss what we had. But Sammy, I
know that I'm not still in love with him and I know that I
don't miss what we had "lovewise" but I miss the strong
friendship. I can't really say that I miss anything with
dan... he's a faggot... I dont' think that I even loved
him... I was just with him for so long I kinda just said
it. Joey.... I have love for Joey... but there's just that
something that'll never be okay and I can't quite put my
finger on it. I don't know boys are just confusing. but
they do say that OLD flames never blow out. Do you think
that's true?

I really fucked myself over in the head over one guy
though. I told myself not to fucks around but I did and
it's not that big of a deal but at the same time it means
EVERYTHING to me. Everything and nothing at the same time,
it's hard to talk about.

Anyways. I hate how everytime I come to see my cousin he
runs off. Then again, I can honestly NOT blame him this
time, this is his LAST weekend with his friends before he
ships off to his Boot Camp for the Coast Gaurd on Tuesday.

I'm actually quite honestly excited as shit to go into the
marines. Not becuase it's basically torture but because
it's a way to not only better yourself and get discipline
but it's a job and it's soemthing worth doing it's not
like it's a waste of time of you wont get paid. The only
down side will be the ugly uniforms. I can get through the
boot camp and basic training.

Man the one thing I REALLY hate about everyone going to
sleep. The twins wake up before everyone so if I'm up.....
it's too bad actually considering I get to form them into
little hellians and make them speak the "BRI LINGO" you
know dude every third word... mannnn before and after
every sentence and ridiculous, dank and gangster.... to
discribe EVERYTHING imagineable. Actually that's not that
bad at all I think I'ma go get the kids and teach them how
to be BRI. hahaha

the marines mannnn,.... fuck all yall who
doubt... and lobe to all yall who support.

hit me up when you get the chance

tell me what you think

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