brianna MOTHER FUCKIN greer

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2005-10-22 06:19:31 (UTC)


I'm in FL right now, I'm chillin with my cousin until he
leaves for boot camp. He's going into the coast gaurd....
I'm going into the marines. I think that it will def be
the BEST thing for me.

I hate almost everyone (unless you're cool enough to be
able to check this out). I think
that 90% of all people are fake and can be broken by
something. I think that EVERYONE has a soft side and if
you hide it for too long you're a crucial faggot in the
end. Actually no, not a soft side, I think everyone's an
idiot and should get over themselves.

For those of you who don't know I'm going into the Marines
in 8 months, I'm quitting smoking and all my horrible drug
habbits so that I can better myself and get in shape
before I get my ass kicked in Boot Camp.

I have 8 months to prepare. I don't give a fuck what you
kids say. I'm going to do this. I'll make it and I'll come
back and beat all you guys asses.

And no I don't have to cut my hair if i go into the
marines so fuck all yall who were tryin to tell me that

I have a bed now, I got one about a month ago and for you
who didn't know I haven't had a bed in about a year so it
was pretty big news for me. Anyways,I also got a car,
Seibring- total chick car.

Joey and I are on a weird level right now... We're
together but not. It's like we act like we're dating but
w/ none of the g/f - b/f perks. It's weird.

So I have one name to through out there.... FABLE...
wadddda dick. HA. Totally fucked myself over on that one.

oh yeah and DAVID.... finally got what I wanted out of him
but I don't think it was the way that I expected it.

Anyways I'm chillin phat and super kicksin it. Lifes going
through ups and downs, my best friend moved away and wont
even holla atta nigga.

Fat boy's coming to see me the Tuesday before Thanksgiving
and leaving the Sunday after. Stevie is going to be in
town for the same time frame.

Sammy and I are speaking again, it's like my long lost
ugly twin haha, nigger ass.

Man where in the fuck am I going in life. I could easily
just give up the fun life and be responsible for once and
go into the marines and get my shit done, I mean I start
PT saturday... so I am already going to be training for
the next 8 months its just the fact that I'm going to be
giving up so many years that I could be doing the things
that I love the most, fucking things up and starting shit.
It's what makes life intresting.

I think I'm going to go to bed I have to spend every
moment I can with my cousins while i'm here... you never
know when they'll be gone.


R.I.P. Danny Lee Hodges - Thursday, Jan. 6, 2005

I love you all. But you are all crucial faggots.

"I DON'T WANNA KNOW... i don't wanna know"