Proud Mommy
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2005-10-22 04:56:47 (UTC)

Fallen Angel


My words of wisdom are nothing compared
To those of yours that you have so thoughtfully shared
I know that now there is no possible way
To make me forget how I felt that day
They could take my halo, tear away my wings
But to see you again, I’d risk the loss of everything
I don’t need any of it, any of it at all
For I know you’d be there if from heaven I should fall
But what they don’t know is, it is your arms
That will forever keep me from their harm
As broken pieces of me hit the floor
Even when death takes you far from me

They will try to take you down far below
To a world where no one has ever known
What they won’t know is that I wont be far behind
Following them, to where they think I wont find
I am you angel even with my halo gone
You are my courage that helps me carry on
Even when things get so dark and deafening
You’ve always saved me from all things threatening
And just to prove to you that my love for you is true
I would go to hell to be with you
Forget what earth has, and the heavens above
Because all I need to have now is your love

Forever I will be here, right by your side
To heal the pain you feel inside
Never has the thought of leaving ever crossed my mind
Because you are the one I've longed to find
We don’t need the world and all its duplicity
All we need is to simply be
I love you more with every passing day
More than words could possibly say
Who needs a halo or a pair of wings?
When right here with you I have got everything
So here I am and here I’ll remain
Until he allows us to come above again