About a Girl
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2005-10-22 00:02:38 (UTC)

love rhymes with hideous car wreck

so the bad thing about turning down a second date with a
guy is u can't complain about the fact that u don't have a
boyfriend and u look like a bitch cuz he was really sweet
to u..the good thing is it proves u aren't desperate and u
don't date guys just cuz u can..

by the way, i wish i liked orlando bloom cuz i know where
he is living for two months..

i went over to derek's a few days ago..we visited the
teachers who were picketing..then we watched silence of
the lambs which is one fucked up movie..

i've been watching my so-called life alot..j'adore that
show very's two quotes from the one last nite:
-"sex made your whole life start, and if you think about
life as a circle or something, then sex and death are the
same. Look, I'm not saying they're the same. I mean, I
thought about having sex with you, and gawd, I've never
seriously thought about killing you"
-"People always say how you should be yourself. Like your
self is this definite thing, like a toaster or something.
Like you know what it is, even. But every so often, I'll
have, like, a moment when just being myself, and my life,
like, right where I am, is, like, enough."