Lost...In Life...In Love...In This World
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2005-10-21 20:41:06 (UTC)

Dont Die 3

Well...Ryan seems to be recovering....Except he's begining
to write poems...Now,I know thats not a bad thing,Im even
happy for it...But its what he writes about...Well,here's
an example....

Seeing you through my eyes,
as I lay here, waiting for death.
Telling you that everyone dies,
knowing I'll be laid to rest.
With God and Satin at war,
not knowing who will lay claim.
Behind this light I see a door,
God bows his head in shame.
With Satin I will retire,
finding no hope withhis might.
Laid to rest in an eternal fire,
remembering through death there's light.

...Sort of disturbing,right?....Hmmmm....I'm not sure if
he's using the poetry as an outlet for his emotions (Which
is a really good thing) or if it's another cry for
help...*Sigh*....Anyway,I'll update on this soon....

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