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2005-10-20 20:15:49 (UTC)

Yeah so I have been writing's more...

Well, I just saw teh Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino,
and Joseph Fiennes, but not what I wanted to write about
right now.

I wanted to state that I will create another diary, an
inspirational one, with advice, tips and just little
stuff. This idea came to me as I was looking through a
book called: Don't seat the small stuff. I had wanted to
get my hands on that book for a long time. So I'll put
some stuff in there.

Aside from that my dad can take those kudo points and
invest them in another job. They let him go after 2 hours
for reasons I'm not exactly clear on. I think it's got
something to do with a Turkish worker, I don't know.

Well, I saw Arturo on line last nite. Dwight was so right.
I bet I would have gone in over my head if it wasn't for
him. I probably would have lost a friend and make him feel
crappier... Wait did I not just write about this last
time... Oh crap. well whatever, I'm still happy about that.

Today Javier did the splits all Blood Sport Style on two
chairs. Damn I gotta say that's hot. Well, Jason took a
picture of this. I'm real glad. Although he can't send it
to me, darn. Must get digi cam damn it. Today made me
realize through such events that I've got to freaking get
going on actually putting things in motion. Give me one
more year of pain, and just putting scripts together. A
year from now I'll be able to buy my gadgets.
Javier also started talking about some friend of his that
is apperantly kinda like me and wants to make a movie. He
had the idea of coreographing some of the fight scene in
the garage at Wright, or on top of the building itself if
he can get there. We investigated the thing with Jason
after class.
By the way, that whole split thing took place after we
took our Open Book, Open Notes Astronomy Midterm. 10
questions 30 points, damn we better be passing.

I'm kinda jello. (Jealous) Jason is out on a date right
now, just doing the small little high school/college hang
date with your favorite gal type of ordeal, and I'm on
line, and doing midterm stuff. Fantastic. I'd love to be
amongst some new acquaintences and fresh stories, just
walking through a park, getting coffee, watching the
leaves fall.

Well, back to midterms and space invaders

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