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2005-10-20 19:47:40 (UTC)


Simple one
Evening sun
I don’t regret
Anything I’ve done
Never needed this
Never a doubt
You were the only one
Simply done
Never take it back
I never gave you that
Someone said
I simply came undone
Someone lied
In a lonely bed
All alone, all was said
Never ever forget
The things you’ve said
You remember me
I was the last one
I was the only one
You never did care
I never was her
You remember me
You ing lied to me
Simply d
Simply erased
Do you see her
When you look at my face?
Did you ever remember?
Such a simple son
Such a simple liar
Did you remember me?
Do you think of me
When you her?
Simply letting go
Times moves so slow
Days are simply complicated
Now it’s your turn
I know it burns
I won’t remember you
Everything I did for you
What you took from me
And can’t I take
What you gave to me
All the you gave to me
You are just a phase to me
And I can’t separate
You from what I
Never turning back
My heart is turning black
I never had a doubt
You were the only one
Now we are simply done
And you will never hurt
The way I want you to
Simply one thing to remember
I never want to be her