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2005-10-20 04:14:13 (UTC)

Dwight was so right...

HOLY CRAP... Dwight was so right. It's not that he doesn't
like me anymore (atleast I don't think so) it's just that
he's been freakin' busy. He's only getting about 3 hours
of sleep tonight. So not exactly happy for the poor guy...
why do I always hook up with the exhausted, over worked
ones. I feel bad not sleeping 5 hours a day. (Though
sometimes I do.)

Well, basically, Dwight told me that there is a possiblity
that he may not be talking to me because of something that
has absolutely nothing to do with me. And it's TRUE.
Apparantly the motor sports club he's in has realized that
the floor on the car they were gonna rebuild is too
rusted, and he's been searching all over trying to replace
it. Checking if a company can donate something or if they
can get an affordable one. Thank you Dwight, because of
your advice I didn't snap and end a friendship, I kept my
cool. No deal is final yet though. Though this does make
me a much happier camper for now.

I can't believe I'm gonna type this but... I think I
should go with Lucci on this and get a few more guys in
the mix. It's moments like this that make me realize that
I'll get carried away if it only depends on one.

But him I like. I stopped dressing up so much... this
could also be because it's getting colder, but I still
wore skirts. Then again my boots ain't what they used to
be. I'm not dressing up anymore. My make up is not the
long egyptian look, I seem not to try to impress anymore.
If I do dresss up, cause I did that one time, I feel a bit
out of place. I can still chause all suavemente like, but
I'm increasingly aware of the not as comfortable level.
It's this guy, I don't exactly wanna be with anyone else.
He's fine. Even if were not together and I don't get to
see him for a long while, I like him.

So yeah, now I gotta go back to studying and each
chocolate and make coffee, so I stay up. lol, me happy