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2005-10-20 04:00:16 (UTC)

A Blur

Everything is starting to blur. Has anyone ever felt like
you are the only one on this earth here to make sure
everyone else is happy. When is it going to be my turn? I
see how everyone has their significant other, and how they
treat them. Always picking fights, complaining about one
thing or another. Seriously, is anyone really reading this?
Maybe you could explain to me my curse. I meet this really
great guy we hit things off and then all of a sudden, a 360
turn he does and I am the best friend/little sister. I
swear if I hear that one more time I am going to flip.
Maybe I do need to be more of a stupid bitch, play
dumb.....HELL NO! I will not play like that, this is me
believe it or not. I am not going to change. I want to
move, I want to be somewhere new, maybe not Chicago, just
pick up and go. I want to go somewhere and just be. Ever
feel like vanishing for awhile and when you come back things
will be different, but for the better. Too bad that never
really happens. If you know me very well, you know what it
means when I dream. I guess I don't really need to worry
about this horrible reacurring dream that I keep having
because guess what there are no bums even in 5 ft of me most
of the time, that would even give me a second look. This is
me right
Yes I am screaming. Faith is believing when you have
nothing left....I believe that something good comes your way
when you are not even expecting that's it right,
just stop worrying, looking, expecting....If one person
could just sit me down and point out everything that is
wrong along with everything that is right, I think I would
be, ya I would just BE....anyways me just ranting one of my

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