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2005-10-19 18:04:22 (UTC)

Quote and a congrats...

A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

A good heart is better than all the heads in the world.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Congratulations to my dad, who has proved that he is worth
more in the world then the amount of liquor he can
consume. He got a job. He gets kudo points, though he
never will know what they are. He'll be working as a
janitor 4 to 11 I believe. Full time for this nearby
polish deli. Fantastic, he's amongst people that can
understand him, gets 8 per hour.

I don't like him too much but this comes just in time,
since were moving and we gotta put another 1125 into rent
by the first, and we just put in 500 or so for these two
weeks, which we are using any way not to live there since
no one wanted to move this past saturday, and are
superstitious about moving any other day besides saturday
and wednesday.

One way or another, kudo points, cause we need him to
start providing again. So, kudo points.

Aside from that... I think I said everything yesterday,
hmm... that's new, I've got nothing important to say. My
food is cooling down this very moment and soon I'm gonna
go back to school, and take trips to two different
libraries to pick up some books. One on magick that I read
before that had some interesting info in regards to
joining a coven. That one will be from the local public
library. Next I gotta check about the autobiography of
Samuel Goldwyn the film Producer. This is probably at the
school library, if not, it might definately be in the
Elmwood Library. That's for the midterm due tuesday. Then
I just gotta do some studying. I'm thinking of doing this
at the new place. I don't want to study here, and I'm not
so sure about school studying anymore. I've got 4 bucks,
so if I'm hungry I could always just get something small
somewhere. Even eggrolls.

Well, since I've got nothing to talk about, allow me to
talk about a couple of male encounters I've had. Damn I'm
getting surrounded by cuties. In my guitar class there's
this blond guy. Blond top, dark bottom of head. Very boy
next door look, kinda muscular, but not butch. He appears
to have a descent personality, he has developed a circle
of friends and is always asking questions. He's one of the
better players.
Next, there's this guy from Astronomy, bumped into him
just now as I was leaving. He asked me why I'm not going
to class today. I replied, what class? Then he's like, oh
right, you're in my astronomy class. (That's tomorrow.)
Yesterday he was going off to work and had to leave class
early. The teacher asked him if he rides a motorcycle,
since he had a helmet. He said yeah. So he's automatically
a 10. He looks like that guy that played superman in the
old series. Except a bit darker skin.
There's this other guy in astronomy I'm hardly attracted
to, but I like messing with him. This guy sits next to me.
Jason's friend. At first I was repused by him because he
looks like David. It's freaky. But he's kinda off centre.
Which ain't bad, and he's smart, he's got an opinion.
Plus, one thing I just can't stop looking at... One day he
came to class and his legs were sore or something, so he
just flat out did a split. I'm like damn. What I really
wanted to say is, damn that's hot, and it gets me going,
strangely enough. Yesterday we were up front looking some
stuff up on line, and when we were looking at the the
computer, we had to crouch down. I crouched, he did a half
split. I was gonna criticize, but then I'm like, nah, why
should I knock him. People should do more of that stuff.
Then it wouldn't be such a sin to be different.

Let's see who else... There's more probable, but now my
dinner is just getting cold.