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2005-10-19 02:41:41 (UTC)

Not so mad any more...

I came to teh conclusion, after talking to Dwight and
Mike, that his not calling me could be something that has
absolutely nothing to do with me. Which is not too likely
alltogether, I mean if he can go 70 miles out of his way
to see me, and 70 miles back after wards, with some
driving in betwee, then what the hell is up with this. No
call, no e-mail, no sign of life the one day we usually
see each other. WT hell. Well maybe this is something that
has absolutely nothing to do with me.

With a guy like him, I think that's not too likely, but I
can keep fooling myself with the thought, atleast it's
better then having that mucky feeling. I'll just give it
some time, and see him online at some point and say what's
wrong. I'm thinking that it's just a matter of him moving
back to his ma's, his aunt in the hospital (maybe not
anymore), midterms, and such things. I still think I'm the
real cause, but I just want some answers.

On different matters, I'm avoiding homework for now. I've
got a... let's see...
tommorrow IT quiz on Excel
Thursday Astronomy Test on 3 chapters (yet to study)
10/25 Film Lit 1pg paper and 8-10 min presentation
(midterm) with clips to show and such
10/26 4 page midterm on shakespeare
10/26 make up work for shakespeare class

In the midst of this I'm in the process of moving,
becoming a clown, and finding a coven, as well as having a
social life.

Oh yeah, I might be going to Orlando by the end of this
month, and I still gotta sign up for some more debate
coaching, and practice guitar cause I'm getting better.

I'm planning my 21st birthday party. Gotta start sending
out invitations and such. My mother is not for the idea of
30 people. I'm not having this. I've never had a house
party, I've yet to have a good party. So I'm F*ing getting
this. My bro's rented a place for their 18th, and 20th. I
can invite 2 or 3 friends over at most though, all the
time. Now she figures 10 is enough. Yeah sure, that's a
regular hang.

I often make it seem like I've got a lot on my plate at
work, but damn I didn't know it was actually true.