My Aphrodisiac
2005-10-19 00:25:19 (UTC)

Reverse effects

Man, I just read my last journal entery and was trippin'.
I remember when I used to smoke weed and have hella fun,
think about a whole lot of nothingness. Now, I get
reverse effects from that shyt. But you know what,
reading that sober did something to me. I smoked again on
Sunday, even had a cooler. But today started a new day
for me. Right? I've been eating better. NO FAST FOOD! If
I need somethin' to eat quick I'll go to a sandwich joint
or somewhere like that. That's one of my main health. And along with that falls a lot of
things I need to check. FIRST, I can't be smokin' no weed
dude. I was reading something the other day and it said
that smokin' one blunt is like smokin' four cigs!! WTF?? I
thought weed was a herb??, stop drinkin' so
damn much. Just cuz I go out with my folks does not mean I
have to get a drink. Just cuz I'm depressed doesn't mean
I need a drink. And WATCH WHAT I EAT!! Thou shall not get
fat. Thou shall not have heart disease. Thou shall not
have high cholesterol...etc. You get the picture. So,
I've decided that I'll write my personal enteries in here.
I have TOO many people that really LOVE reading my blogs
on myspace. I have like 20 viewers a day. WoW! I'm a
celeb on there dude. Anyways, me and boo are doing really
well. The shyt is almost spooky. For two or three weeks
we've been like this. THe other night I spent the night
over there and we watched tv til' the wee hours of the
night, laughin' and jokin' with eachother. Then woke up
to him holding me. Arms wrapped around my body. Gave
eachother those "Funky breath" kisses, and I hopped on
that good dick and rode him til' he couldn't take it no
more!! Hahahaha!! We just chilled all day til' he and I
both had to go to work. Then I washed and pressed his
hair. Yes, I said press. It makes no sense that his hair
is that damn long. Broads should be jealous of him. Fa'
real. ***so we broke up like three weeks ago. told him he
could date me...blah blah.*** So, we in the shop or
whatever and his boy is in there. He was tellin' him that
he shouldn't refer to his ex in front of people as his
ex. Then he goes, like me and faith...I don't say this is
my ex. I just introduce her as Faith. Ummm...nigga, don't
be usin' us as an example! Hello, we on a break. Not
broken up! So, of course I stop speaking, and he wants to
know what's wrong with me. Again silence. I take him
home and he won't close my door so we ride all the way
there with his door open. Anyways, this entery is getting
really long. I'll holla!1