Ozzie wannabe's
2005-10-17 20:06:44 (UTC)


Had a bit of an argument with my dad yesterday.
He was slagging of people who work in th epublic
sector...clearly showing that he wasn'y happy that I will
be working for the NHS. Well I just said that the NHS don't
get enough money as they have lowered our pay scales... he
said "what, so they've lowered your wages before you've
even started work?"
I replied "yep!"
He then asked what I would start on
I told him £17,000
He flipped... I should've known better and kept my mouth
shut... but I'm 25 and shouldn't feel like I have to lie to
my parents about my money matters.
Anyhow, he wans going on about how I should've stayed with
the bank & I've I hadn't have gone to uni & "schmoozed my
way up Greek Street" then I would be on double the money I
will earn as a speech therapist. I tried to explain that my
income will increase very quickly and that I wouldn't havee
been happy working in an office...and there would be NO WAY
that I would be able to earn £30k working in that bank
without HUGE stress and responsibility...but he refused to
listen... he didn't want to listed. As we were in the
company of family- instead of tearing strips off me (which
he clearly wanted to do!) he just sat in silence, speaking
only when spoken to & rubbed his forhead in the way only a
disappointed steven leonard can do! Reading his face, it
just said... "I knew it...I was right.... FAILURE
I just wish that he could see the bigger picture... Speech
therapy is a great profession with heaps of potential..
money wise as well as job satifaction ... not to mention
that there is an internation shortage so I can get into any
country I wish to go to. If I had stayed in the bank I
would have been very stressed without a wage to reflect
that, bored, unhappy with no job satisfaction & not much
room to move up salary wise and I would be stuck in the
uk...afterall, what country is short of office
My dad yesterday put one more nail in the coffin. I know
feel more comfortable with the idea of moving to Australia
and even more comfortable about the prospect of being with
Vita, should we get the opportunity of getting it together.
I'll just miss my mum so much.

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