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2005-10-17 19:37:43 (UTC)

Vita's song

When i first saw you
You were dancing with my friends
I was sitting back smiling eveynow and then
Your pretty little face well it caught me by suprise
Thats the night you stole my heart you didnt have to try
You walked towards me and grabbed me by the hand
You pulled me off the chair and you made me have a dance
I'm very glad you did that, I really have to say
'cause that's the main reason we're still here today

Who are you?
What you do?
Where you from?
How long can you stay?
Don't go away,
oh babe, oh babe

Only on ocasions do I rarely see your face
I really miss your smell and i really miss ur taste
I hear you on the phone but it doesnt feel the same
I hope that I can see you, see you once again
You make me laugh,you make me cry,you make me always smile
I havent felt this feeling, now its really been a while
I stuffed up once and now i want to make it up to you
If you dont let me missy I dont no what I'll do.


I dont what it is about you, you just make me feel
Everything inside that I thought that wasn't real
How we met and how it happened I still wonder why
I'm sure the answers up there somewhere in the sky
Is this the start of something between me and you
Or is this just another phase that people go through
I want to know the answer, can someone tell me now
'cause are you that someone to take that special vow
oh babe,oh babe

Life(??) not but you got to take a chance
This feeling inside me its true romance
I've just met you and now i have to go
Why does this happen,why does it happen so


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