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2005-10-17 19:26:55 (UTC)

Vita.... Pinch of Salt?!?!?!

OK. Me and Vita keep missing each others call and it was
beginning to wind me up!!
i went to the gym on Saturday lunch time & when I'd finish
and getting changed for my shower I checked my phone. A
missed call from "Vita Au", would you credit that?!?!?
Anyhow, he'd left an answerphone message which I was
pleased to see & couldn't wait to just hear his voice. so I
hold down the "1" key on my mobile to listen to it and a
voice speaks......& it wasn't Vita's!!!!! It said...
"hello Vicky...Vicky Leonard. This is Leonard...
Leonard Hemmings here... I'm out and Vita's with me
tonight...I'm at one of my family's wedding... my niece in
fact.... We were stood here & Vita said to me... "daddy, if
Vicky comes over here would you put something on like this
for us?" I said "of course I would darling but she would
have to bring england with her" so I just called to tell
you that. God bless, Vicky and I hope to hear from you soon"

Well after I heard that, I went to the shower with a huge
smile on my face and cried! Never smiled and cried at the
same time before. Was very strange!

I tried to call back but there was no answer. Vita then
called when he was on the way home from the wedding- it's
always a little awkward speaking to him initially but after
a minute it's hilarious....I told him that I was coming to
oz in june and he sounded "stoked" and offered to pay for
half my ticket- bless him! He also said I should work for
him as his secretary... I agreed as long as he didn't
design my uniform....and you can only imagine where the
conversation went from there!!!! He has written a song
about me whic will be the next diary entry...he emailed it
to me...and after I read that I once again wanted to laugh
and cry at the same time!!!! I do miss him! Ijust don't
know whether to take what he says with a pinch of salf for
my own protection or go for it and believe him?! x

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