Ozzie wannabe's
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2005-10-17 19:08:39 (UTC)

Birthday party x2

This was a strange weekend really. Firday night I went out
with liz for her brother's birthday! My stomach ached with
laughter!!!!so so so funny. There's this one guy, James,
who is a prize wally but had me and liz in stitches!! He
really took a shine to liz and want to take her on a
date....o'oh! It was quite awkward at times coz liz's
little bro was very drunk and wanted to be without his! difficult situation really!!!!
We ended up in the new revolution. Liz had arrange to meet
Brett but it seemed like he wasn't going to show up to she
started getting a little more "comfotable" with this James.
Right at this point brett walks throught with Aaron and
Wez!! TIMING!!!! Well, James then left and We went to talk
to the Ozzies!!!!! Close call Lizzie!!!!!!

Saturday night... Me and Liz went with Laura and Mary to
The Vine to see Matt the kiwi play (Laura's current Guy....
kind of thing!) He was really good but i REALLY enjoyed the
band that followed him which was called Semper FIre from
Newcastle......mmmmmmmmmmm! Lovely! After the Vine, me and
Liz went to Matt's birthday do at his house!! Lovely to see
him... & great to see Kathy and Greg... I'm really gonna
miss them!!

It was overall a pretty quiet, relatively uneventful
weekend.... but I'm drinking next weekend coz we break up
for half term therefore, in regards to my new self
discipline rules, I'm allowed!!! BRING IT ON! x

Also, I got a phone call from Paul Manning!!!!! It's been
over 3 years since I last spoke to him! Was great to catch
up... hopefully will keep in touch from now on!