2005-10-16 17:47:00 (UTC)

Been FOREVER....

Honestly. Wayyy too long... I have been doin nothing
except messin with my xanga and my myspace!! I actually
forgot about you! lol... Not that anyone reads this but
stilL! well.... hold on a sec. I have brown hair now! wow.
Uh mom is getting married soon... yep. Uh, Josh is a
cna... Mom's boyfriend is coming here this week! Mom is
picking him up from the airport Tommorow... He lives in
Texas, because he is in the Airforce and is stationed in
Texas. When I graduate in May we are moving to Texas...
for two years until he retires... yep. and then in 2 years
when he retires, we are coming back to ohio! ^Ohio is for
lovers... lol^ j/k I don't even like Hawthorne Heights
lol. Anyways... well thats about it for today... I'll
write more VERY soon. ttyl

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