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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-10-16 23:48:49 (UTC)

sub diary 15-10-05


i am missing Master heaps. i worked until 4 today. it is
taking some getting used to the new way things are done.

i managed to chat briefly to Master before going out. mum
came with me but it was not the kind of night i wanted. i
had a heavy heart thinking of my aunt. they have changed
her doctor and are trying right now to get her into
pallitive care. she hasnt been able to eat for weeks and
has become dehydrated so now they are pumping fluids into
her. she had a canular thing put into her chest for them
to administer her chemo. the doctors now dont think she
will be able to handle the chemo at all.

i left the party to go with mum for support while she
visited my aunt. before i left another guest decided she
didnt like me, i guess. i had done nothing wrong or even
said anything to her. she was rather abusive. my aunt
told me to go back to the party to enjoy myself so i tried
to do just this time more alcohol had flowed so
this lady decided to tell me to shut my f***en face as i
had held the floor for over an hour...strange thing was the
fact that i hadnt even been there for over 1 hour as i was
with my mother visiting my aunt.

i kept calm but was really confused as to why she was
abusing me..she was like a dog with a bone..just wouldnt
let go. i left her and went to the kitchen to help serve
some food but when i returned she began again. at this
point my sister told this woman that it is her that is
holding the floor. i was very upset and this woman still
kept mouthing me off as well as my sister.

i went home very upset that the evening had been spoilt by
this womans dislike of me.

didnt sleep at all well.

slave jess {MJ}