Autum's Leaves
2005-10-16 00:40:50 (UTC)

Time of Day

Now that I have time to write, I suppose I will. Things
are always so crazy, I feel like I just...don't have enough
time to do anything.

Went out last night, which was nice. I hadn't partied in
awhile, so it was good to get out and chill with some
people. The innocent badass and I went out and chilled with
some guys, it was fun. We got drunk hardcore and didn't
even get to sleep until...well I didn't get to sleep until
nine this morning, didn't get back to my dorm until about
ten thirty, slept until about five, ate some was

I still don't have the Bronco, he's still in the shop
getting fixed. Apparently he's supposed to be all right by
Monday, so we'll see. There's some things I have to take
care of. We bought TIB's outfit the other day, it is SO
hot. I'm seethingly jealous of how much hotter she's gonna
be than me. She's gonna be a pirate hooker...I'm gonna be
an angel...*smiles*

I talked to Nico last night. I LOVE him. I mean...that's
just all there is to it. He is my soul mate. lol. But's hard to say that about someone that I've never
physically met. He says he's coming up here
hopefully things will be good with that...I just hope so.
He's really really awesome. And like I said...he's my
lover. haha.

But anyways, just a quick catch up. The guy from
Charlotte, the um...*thinks* the Frat Boy, he's been mackin
on me hardcore, and *thinks* the guy from here, Racer
Redneck, has been going for TIB. The Boarder had been
trying to get in touch with me, but we keep missing each
other...again. *sigh* I need to get laid.


So, I'm going to finish watching Die Hard 2. Heck yeah
to some action movies.